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Ans. The Suzif is a brand where we cook and deliver food to the doorsteps. We don’t have any outlets or restaurants.
Ans. All payments for customers are accepted through a debit/credit cards, wallets and Cash on Delivery (COD).
Ans. Please call our Customer Service +91 9945361033 or email and we will get it rectified for you.
Ans. Yes, every order at Suzif is made of fresh and we make sure all the ingredients go through a quality check before the food is cooked. We use halal meat and fresh farm vegetables and fruits
Ans. We don’t really serve food in our outlet. You can only order online. But if you really want to, then please contact +91 9945361033
Ans. We have no such things since we consider ourselves as a Just in Time Order system. What that means is we only cook what our customers order. We don’t have a physical store to stock and sell our products. So don’t bother comparing us to your restaurants next door.
Ans. Our manufacturing units are located in several areas in Bengaluru.
Ans. All you need to do is log on to From there, you can browse and order and different categories of food from the main page. So you can add of product to cart, select the payment option and lean back. Suzif will serve you the delicious food in just 45min
Ans. Of course you can ! Suzif provides you the complete flexibility of choosing your order and customising as you wish. This is where we stand out from any other competitor in our field
Ans. We require at least 45 min to cook and delivery to your location. Several outlets in Bangalore helps us to provide you food from nearest located kitchen in Bangalore which saves lots of time rather fighting with traffic and keep you in starvation
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